Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Get Your Child Into Modeling-Five Simple Steps

So, you've decided you want to get your child into the modeling biz. NOW WHAT?

Follow these five simple steps, and soon your child could be earning income as a model and saving for their future.

BE REALISTIC: First, be honest with yourself about your circumstances. Your child should be free of scars, visible birthmarks or defects. Even features and standard size development are preferred. Yet a quirky looking child can become a model just as easily as a traditionally cute child. Your child MUST be friendly and obedient. If your child is not well-behaved or comfortable with strangers, they will not succeed in this business. You should live near a major metropolitan area. If you cannot commute to a major city on a daily basis, you will need to relocate. You or a caretaker will have to have a flexible schedule to drive your child to auditions on short notice. Resources are also required (transportation, money for photos, internet access).

FIND AN AGENT: Research to find the most reputable agencies in the major market closest to you. The major markets are New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. However, Atlanta, New Orleans and many other locations are also generating a lot of opportunities. Do a simple internet search of "reputable modeling agencies" in your city. A rule of thumb is, you should never have to pay any money to an agency to be represented. Cattle call auditions held in local convention centers and hotels are often not legitimate.

FOLLOW THE AGENCY'S INSTRUCTIONS: A good agency will tell you exactly how to submit your child for representation. Usually, the detailed instructions can be found on the agency's website. If they are old-school, you may have to call them and they will instruct you. Most agencies will have you submit snapshots of your child on-line, or via snail mail. You can include a short letter of introduction and a "baby resume" if you like. Keep everything short and simple. Agents are always pressed for time and working under deadlines. DO NOT IGNORE THEIR INSTRUCTIONS and submit more than the requested amount of photos. Parents who cannot follow instructions will fail in the modeling business.

SUBMIT YOUR CHILD: Increase your odds and make efficient use of your time by submitting to all of the potential agencies within a week. Be patient. It can take up to six months to hear from anyone. Do not re-submit or call with inquiries. If they are interested, they will contact you. Once you get asked to bring your child in for an interview, be prepared to sign a contract on the spot.

SIGN A CONTRACT AND GET READY! Prior to the interview, learn the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive contracts and their pros and cons. Prepare your child for the first audition, even if you haven't gotten one yet. They could send your child on an audition the same day you are signed, so you need to be prepared at all times. GOOD LUCK!